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Info Lirik Lagu ASKING ALEXANDRIA - Into The Fire

Fact - Ini adalah single pertama Asking Alexandra untuk menampilkan vokalis utama Danny Worsnop sejak ia kembali ke band. Worsnop telah mundur 18 bulan sebelumnya, menyatakan bahwa dia ingin fokus pada band barunya We Are Harlot. Meminta Alexandria merekrut musisi Denis Stoff untuk menggantikannya. Pada 21 Oktober 2016, diumumkan bahwa Worsnop telah bersatu kembali dengan grup setelah berpisah dengan Stoff.

Worsnop juga mempertahankan karier musik solo. Dia merilis debutnya album penuh inspirasi negara, The Long Road Home, pada Februari 2017.


I'm not too sure what I'm supposed to do with this

These hands, this mind, this instability
From a cage I created, to a hell that heaven made

Can't let go of the hatred, cause I love the way it tastes

I wouldn't take back a moment, not one miserable moment

I'll give it all, 'til there's nothing
I'd walk into the fire

I've come to terms with the fact I'll never change

And that's just fine, I find solace in the pain
I don't mind the darkness, it's easy on the eyes

I'm praying for something to make me feel alive

I wouldn't take back a moment, not one miserable moment

I'll give it all, 'til there nothing
I'd walk into the fire

I'm a paranoid, sycophant, masochistic dilettante... Narcissistic elephant in the room
I'm the end of the world, thinning the herd, the all around outta my my mind, fucking absurd I am gone, I am gone

Thumb and Video embed from: Sumerian Records

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